Saber DAO Token

Introduction to Saber Governance Token

Welcome to the world of Saber Governance Token (SBR), a decentralized governance token that empowers holders to shape the future of the Saber protocol. As the native token of the Saber ecosystem, SBR plays a pivotal role in enabling community-driven decision-making processes and ensuring the protocol's decentralized governance.

What is Saber Governance Token?

Saber Governance Token (SBR) serves as the backbone of governance within the Saber protocol, granting holders the right to participate in key governance activities such as proposing, voting on, and implementing changes to the protocol. With locked SBR, so-called veSBR, stakeholders have the power to influence protocol upgrades, parameter adjustments, and strategic initiatives, thereby driving the evolution of Saber in alignment with the collective interests of its community.

Key Features and Functions

Voting Rights

Saber Governance Token holders possess voting rights proportional to their token holdings, allowing them to vote on proposals that impact the protocol's development, operation, and direction. From protocol upgrades to fee adjustments, veSBR holders have a say in critical decisions that shape the future of Saber.

Proposal Submission

SBR holders have the opportunity to submit proposals for consideration by the Saber community. Whether proposing new features, protocol improvements, or strategic partnerships, anyone holding locked SBR tokens can contribute ideas to enhance the protocol's functionality and utility.

Get Involved

Join the Saber community today and become an active participant in governance discussions and decisions.

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