Asset types

What Kind of Asset Types Can be Traded on Saber

Saber generally allows for trading between assets which means a revert in price. There are several assets that Saber specializes in:

  • USD Stablecoins:

There are hundreds of dollar-based stablecoins in existence, ranging from dollar-backed stablecoins like USDC and Tether, to stablecoins backed by crypto assets such as USDH or the algorithmic stablecoin UXD.

  • SOL Staking derivatives:

Saber is a large venue for trading SOL staking derivatives such as Marinade SOL (mSOL), SolBlaze SOL (bSOL) and Jito Staked SOL (JitoSOL).

  • EUR Stablecoins:


  • Bridged assets:


If any assets are missing, please reach out via Discord.

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